Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (Board of Directors) meets at least four times per year and via conference calls in the intervening months between quarterly meetings. It has general supervision of the Fraternity during the recess of the Grand Chapter and Grand Council.

The Executive Committee is composed of 12 members. The Grand Consul serves as chairman and the Grand Pro Consul as vice chairman. Other members are the Grand Quaestor, the immediate Past Grand Consul, a Grand Trustee nominated by the Board of Grand Trustees, two Grand Praetors nominated by the Grand Praetors, one alumnus member-at-large and the two most recent International Balfour Award winners. These nine members serve for two years. Two undergraduate representatives also serve one-year terms on the committee. The committee directs the Fraternity budget and expenditures, acts upon recommendations and reports from the various boards and committees and, in coordination with the Executive Director, assigns duties to the International Headquarters staff. It administers the endowment and trust funds of the Fraternity and establishes Executive Committee Regulations, which are a part of the Governing Laws.

The committee makes recommendations concerning undergraduate chapter problems, and may place on probation or suspend any undergraduate chapter charter. It investigates petitions for undergraduate chapter charters, and grants charters to alumni chapters and associations. It has appellate jurisdiction over the suspension or expulsion of members with authority to reinstate and the power to try any member for offenses specified in the Constitution and Statutes.

Additional duties of the committee include scheduling Grand Chapter and Grand Council meetings; determining province boundaries and their makeup; making contracts and regulations regarding the use, manufacture, sale and distribution of Fraternity insignia; and designing a uniform system of bookkeeping, records-keeping, minutes-recording, house rules and scholarship regulations. The members of the committee are also the directors of the Sigma Chi Corporation.